Surviving a Winter Storm In a Van

Road Trip! Ann in a Van goes to Banff, Alberta, Canada. After surviving a trip over the Coquihalla Highway in the Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia camper van, a severe winter storm settles in across the Canadian Rockies. Our road trip across the Trans Canada Highway comes to a screeching halt due to an accident that is blocking the highway. We end up having to stop in Golden British Columbia where we bed down in the van for some urban stealth camping to survive the winter storm.

Canadian Arctic Blast In a Van >> Living The Van Life

Living The Van Life: To find yourself, sometimes you have to lose yourself. On a much needed random van life road trip adventure, I found myself in an arctic blast storm system in the interior of BC with subzero temperatures making it my coldest camping adventure ever had in my van at -5ºF overnight. How to stay warm in the winter weather in your van? Vanlife can be a major challenge in winter. I give you some temperature comparisons during this winter storm to show you how my Chinese diesel heater keeps my Volkswagen Westfalia warm in the extreme cold weather.

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