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VAN TOUR After 2 Years Living in our TINY HOUSE

VAN LIFE TOUR of BEAUTIFUL DIY Sprinter Van Conversion with Toilet and Outdoor Shower. Tiny house renovations after 2 years! VAN LIFE MAKEOVER After two years of living in our self converted Sprinter Van, it was time for us to do some major (and life changing renovations) to our camper van. Get EXCITED! We’ve added a toilet, a larger fridge & a water tank that holds triple the fresh! Plus, Eamon has finally relaxed a little and let me add some colourful elements to our tiny home — think turkish floor rug 🙂

Waste Tanks Hung with Care under Promaster Van

The Vagabonds are a full time couple who know how to live on the road. As I continue to build their forever van, I am inspired to design simply and with purpose to accommodate their needs and exceed their expectations. Yes, even grey tanks are a thing of beauty in the Humble Road shop!

Surviving Arctic Temperatures Living in a Van

How do you survive subZERO temperatures while living in your van? How do to stay warm in a van during winter? In the great white north, it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop below zero degrees fahrenheit during extreme winter conditions. The winter season is the most crucial time of year when it comes to survival while living in your van. Survivng a winter storm and arctic temperatures becomes dependent how prepared you are for these circumstances. In this video I explain the methods I use to stay warm in my van. My Chinese diesel heater from Amazon is a key component when it comes to staying warm when temps drop well below freezing temperatures.

How to Lay Water Lines Properly in a Van Build

Have you ever heard of Uponor fittings? The Vagabond custom van build continues with an explanation of my floor bones in a van, including a custom stainless steel shower pan. See beautifully laid water lines cross the van floor and how to connect them using Uponor fittings.